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Nostalgia is when we fondly remember the past, or who we are or used to be as we’re always changing. Nostalgia orbits around our identity; who we are today, wasn’t who we were 5 years ago and it’s about us, our memories and who we are now.

Nostalgia is when a person that remembers a specific memory from the past, or connecting to our past whilst still continuing to change as a person. We normally remember, or get nostalgic over good memories, not bad memories.

Music is an example of something we can get nostalgic about. Listening to a certain song can bring back different memories or connect us to the people around us listening to the same song.

We don’t always understand other people or get on with others but when (for example) two people are together and music is played, their feelings and emotions become more similar than if they sit together in silence or use words with no rhythm, which is to do with our internal desire to fit in and as a consequence of our impressive ability to communicate and be social, but also happens when we are on our own.

Nostalgia is a personal experience – the uniqueness of an event or the conflict inherent in it can produce some of our strangest memories, it can also bring up difficult emotions and memories.

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