Zaha Hadid – Architect

Zaha Hadid – Architect

Zaha Hadid is a famous architect. Her architecture is known to perhaps contribute to a better life.

She gave us a new view on architecture, which was less confined by gravity, and more to do with slipping. Rock movements inspired her. Her designs opened the eyes of clients, and the public of what space could be. For example, She had completed  the  maxi building in Rome in 2009. It took 11 years to complete. It was Zahis latest project and she won the best building prize.


The parallel sweeping lines on the ceiling were meant for paintings to hang from, this was something other people had not thought of and showed how we can make use of space and with its serpent like structures, it woke up the neighbourhood and brought back the barouque culture feel back into Rome.

This design was very important to Zaha because it was more handmade rather than computer based. She loved the old baroque feel to it which is a sign of nostalgia. Bringing the old look into the present.

She had a fascination with the Russian construction and nature, following the tradition of making buildings people are wanting.


Zaha had a total dedication to her art, she gave up her family, her romantic affairs etc. She completely devoted herself to her projects and the fact that she was an Iraq woman makes her the most impressive and inspirational female architect of today.


Her first completed project was made up of sharp lines with a futuristic look. It was very abstract. The Vitra building, was built as a fire station. It was one of her earliest works.

Week 3 - Exercise 02.jpg1200px-Vitra_fire_station,_full_view,_Zaha_Hadid.jpg

During her time as an architecture, just like any artist; she had many aborted projects, lots of designs don’t get realized. She had more than 60 projects before she died. She had a style that pushed the boundaries, her legacy was very important. Her building designs were so unique and the legacy of how people will use her buildings is also unique, the experience of being in one of her buildings is apparently so unlike other buildings. They have the idea of movement and shape and shows an advancement in technology.







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