Innocence Through The Eyes Of A Child

When we are born, “we are born to be good”, quotes Jean Jacques Rousseau, An 18th century philosopher. When we are young we aren’t exposed to modern society and are happy in the state of nature.

Jean Jacques Rousseau was forced to flea his hometown in Genevor. He was brought up in isolation and so when he moved to Paris it was a completely different experience, it was full of luxury of the day and opulence, not like his home town which was very poor.

In 1749, he read a newspaper advert on recent advances of the arts and sciences which had contributed a contribution of morals about the world getting better. His opinion was that the world hadn’t improved people, people had changed from being good and innocent as a child and being emerged from their pre-social society.

He believes that when a person is exposed to the social society they are self loved and compare themselves to people around them. This is like social media today where people are addicted to looking at apps such as Facebook and compare themselves to others and get themselves depressed and feel the need to impress those around them. We are happy in the state of nature when we don’t think about these things and have an innocent mind and no worries.

In 1755, he published ‘Discourse on the Origin of Inequality’. He claimed that original man, while solitary, was happy, good and free.on how to raise your child and how to prevent them from the society of corruption.

In his last 10 years, Rousseau wrote his ‘Confessions’, justifying himself against his opponents. He studied his own life experiences which showed what living is like on the inside and looked at how he had been raised. He died on 2 July 1778 in Ermenonville, the estate of the Marquis de Girardin, who had given him refuge.






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