Aeshetics Of A Visual Culture

In my lecture this week we discussed what visual culture is and aesthetics of visual culture.

Visual culture is what we see all around us, informative posters, films, adverts, photographs and sculptures. But in an aesthetic way they’re nice to look at and please the eye.

For example Mcdonalds uses a red ‘m’ as the colour red triggers the thought of hunger in the brain.

Aesthetics is a particular taste for, or an approach to, what is pleasing to the senses-especially sight; (for example the sunset or landscape). It also means a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of art and beauty. A particular theory or conception of beauty or art.

We make informal aesthetic choices every day from what we wear to the things we buy; books, music, and objects for our homes.

Public figures make aesthetic choices to convey something about who they are.

For example, Andy Warhol wore various silver wigs throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s to change his personal appearance and to create a signature look.

Aesthetic choices we make influence many parts of our lives. We all have a personal aesthetic (preference and taste based on what we see).



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