Beauty & The Sublime

Beauty & The Sublime

Over the next 12 weeks i will be writing regular entries with images to my blog. These entries will be based on different artists and art works, philosophies and ideologies.

Now for my first blog post i am going to talk about beauty and the sublime. Beauty i think is all around us. In nature, in people, in music. But what do you think?

I have recently read part of Kant, Schiller and Hegel’s views on beauty. Schiller discusses that: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, freedom is an appearance, autumn in appearance”. ┬áSchiller insists that freedom itself is something ‘noumenal’ and so can never actually manifest itself in the realm of the senses. I believe that this could be true. We all see differently and to each and every one of us different things are beautiful. For example: a partner, flowers, a child. Hegel agrees with Schiller; against Kant that beauty is an objective property of things so it’s either beautiful or ugly.

But Kant argues that: “beauty is not itself an objective property of things”. He believes that when we judge a natural object or work of art and call it beautiful we are making a judgement about an object and that the object has an effect on us which we expect that others should have the same view on it. But it is actually setting our imagination in ‘free play’ with one another, and it is the pleasure generated by this free play that leads us to judge the object to be beautiful.

What i also found rather interesting was William Hogarth’s artwork of the lines of beauty. He belives that wherever you see these lines in nature it indicates beauty. You see these lines in a persons body shape , in shops, food. I find this rather strange and I’m quite intrigued about whether its true or not but you see it everywhere. This leaves quite a mystery to me and find it an interesting opinion.



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